An introduction to the Touch Of Magic world.

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eShe’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her twin from Faeryland – even if it means seducing her nemesis. Too bad she’s the one falling for him.

Half-human, half-Fae, Liandra’s shadow magic kept her hidden from a terrible fate when she was six, but her twin sister, Alyssia, wasn’t so lucky. Kidnapped by their father and taken to Faeryland, Alyssia will be stuck there forever unless Liandra can rescue her. But there’s a deadline — midnight on their twenty-first birthday — in ten days time. 

In her effort to save her sister, Liandra’s caught stealing the key to the Midnight gate from the head Hunter, Jett. She believes she’ll be able to seduce him and steal the key once his guard is down, but what she doesn’t know is that Jett sees right through her and her shadow magic.

The closer she gets to Jett, the clearer it becomes she’s going to fall for him. Hard. A distraction she can’t afford, especially considering what she’s planning. A plan with a price so high that she might never see anyone she cares about again—Jett and her sister included.

Fans of KF Breene, Faith Hunter and Patricia Briggs will love this slow burn paranormal romance.

Coming soon – the introduction to the Touch Of Magic series