Most witches have cute, fluffy kittens as their familiar. Not Darcy. She’s bonded a cranky wolf shifter. And if he finds out, she’s toast.

When Darcy’s magical gift of seeing auras evolves into the ability to influence people, she must keep do the impossible: convince a cranky wolf shifter, Jones, to help her win her freedom from the Witch Clan who raised her.

If he learns that she’s accidentally made him her Familiar, he’s going to be way more than cranky. He might even kill her.

The Touch Of Magic series follows Darcy on her epic journey as she learns about her strange new magic, all while kicking butt and trying to resist her attraction to Jones.

How hard could it be!

Fans of KF Breene, Faith Hunter and Patricia Briggs will love this slow burn paranormal romance.

Coming Soon!

Strange Magic

Strange Magic, book one of the Touch Of Magic series is expected to hit your bookshelves and e-readers in 2023!